Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Winter Cleaning Time

You hear about people doing their “spring cleaning”.   I guess that is when winter finally breaks and you are able to get outside, pickup, cleanup, open the windows and freshen up.   That is my best guess.  I really have never participated in the ritual.

I favor a more practical, calendar centric idea.   December cleaning is more about getting the house ready for Christmas.  You have to move furniture to get the tree in.   More festive flat ware and Christmas china is brought out for the table.   It is also a good time to get out in the yard and trim up, pickup, and winterize. Maybe clean out the gutters while you are hanging the lights.

I also think December is a good time to make decisions about your financial life.   You should meet with your stock broker or investment counselor to review your portfolio.   It’s also a good time to review your insurance policies with your agent to make sure you have adequate coverage at the best price. Most important, you should meet with your CPA to review your tax situation.   Quite frankly, your CPA should be your first stop and you probably shouldn't wait until December.

December is also a time to look inward at yourself and decide if you been a good citizen.   What have you done to give a little back to your community and church this past year?   I know you.   You have missed a few Sunday’s at church and probably haven’t been good at keeping up with your tithe.   It’s not too late to review your giving.   Your church or preferred charity will appreciate you thinking of them at this hectic time.  Chances are your gift will help lower your tax bill next spring.   That will make you feel better then spring cleaning will. 

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