Saturday, March 8, 2014

Things I don't understand

Things I don't understand or would like to know the answer to:

  • Why the winter's seem to be colder and the summers seem to be hotter?
  • Why the concept of God has gotten so complicated?
  • Why it is so unpopular to be a proponent of compromise instead of divisiveness?
  • Why moderation is considered a bad thing?
  • Why one day I stepped out of the shower and their stood a "not young man" in the mirror looking at me?
  • Why my grand children are near perfect and everyone else's are just kind of perfect?
  • Why the US Tax Code is over 3000 pages long and so complicated?
  • Why so many people currently incarcerated in the US prison system are poor and minority?
  • Why there is a movement to drug test people before they can receive food stamps but there is no movement to require executive's on Wall Street to be drug tested?
  • Why the middle class in the US is disappearing?
  • Why I didn't make better financial decisions when I was 25?
  • Why I didn't go ahead and get my master's degree when my dad wanted me to and is it too late to get it at my age?

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