Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mom and Dad

Mom tells a great story about when dad proposed.   Seems like they had been dating for a while.   Dad had graduated from college and had bought the drug store in Calico Rock.  He was 20 or 21.   Mom had moved to Little Rock and was living with some college girlfriends and working.   They had probably talked about getting married but there had been no formal proposal.  

So the story goes that dad went to Little Rock to visit mom.   He shows up at the house where the girls lived.   Mom was on the couch when he came in.   His proposal went something like this, “I’ve been drafted.  What are we going to do?”   Dad is a very smart man with many talents.   However, romance isn’t one of them.

I am glad mom said yes.  

Brenda and I have great parents.  They have taught us well.   Hopefully we are good parents because of the example our parents set for us.

Tomorrow is mom and dad’s 61st wedding anniversary.   Tell them thanks for me if you see them.

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