Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Anniversary Brenda & Jack - August 16, 1974

Another example of how time flies by.   My sister and her husband Jack are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary today.   August 16, 1974 seems just like yesterday.   On August 15, 1974 all the men that were in the wedding party went to the lake and got sunburned.   I got to tag along even though I was just 16.  You should see the pictures.   We are all red faced.   Brenda still likes to remind Jack of that.

I was telling someone this week that I measure the passage of time by the presidents.   By the time that the next president serves 8 years, assuming they are reelected, I will be 65 years old.   Obama is in his 6 year. Wow how fast the past 6 years have gone by. I know, some of you don't think so but please don't politicize my rambling about the passage of time.

I have a good friend, Ken, who is my age.   He helped me move some furniture two weeks ago today.   The following Thursday he had to go in for a stress test.  He failed.  He had to have quadruple bypass surgery last Tuesday.   I went to see him yesterday.   The lesson I learned this week is that I don't want to have open heart surgery.   My how time passes by quickly.

I have decided that I am going to stop letting the little things make me so angry.   It is not Godly.   It is not healthy and it just gives the advantage to the person or situation that made you angry in the first place.  I don't want to give the advantage to anyone and I don't want to have open heart surgery.   My how time passes by so quickly.

I am going to Sandye's brother's youngest son's birthday party this afternoon.  Matt's son is turning three.  Matt was born on December 19, 1977.  He will be 37 this year.   I remember the day Matt was born.  I had just completed the first semester of my second year at the University of Arkansas.  December 19 was the day I got home for Christmas break.  My how time passes by so very quickly.

If I stay healthy, I could live another 30-40 years.   The focus of the first 56 years of my life have been on education, family, making money.  All important things.   I have decided that the next 30+ years need to be spent on God, family, serving others and going to the beach.   My how time passes by so quickly.  I had better get started.

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