Friday, February 13, 2015

Success - part 1

People, especially business people and entrepreneurs, love to talk about success.   That includes me.   I have decided to try and write down, codify if you will, my definition of success.   I want the definition to be broader than just success in business.  I want my definition to be one of  success as it applies to one’s life. 

Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach fame has begun a video series about the concept of Multipliers.  You can watch the first video in the series here.  I also just read a book on this subject but more about that in a future post.    From the first video on Dan’s series you begin to see his definition of a successful person.   Here are a few of the characterizes I listed after watching:

  • ·         Set’s goals and establishes strategy to achieve those goals
  • ·         Not a crazy risk taker but still a risk taker
  • ·         Has the concept of the future being bigger and better than the present
  • ·         Responsive and resourceful
  • ·         Organized and focused

My definition has always included things like:

  • ·         Finish the year better off (including financially) than I started the year.  (If not, I at least know why)
  • ·         Meeting or exceeding my goals

I am just getting started on this project and will be posting more in the future.   In the meantime, why don’t you share some of your thoughts on the subject?   Send me an email with your definition of success to

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