Saturday, October 24, 2015


One of the definitions of eclectic is deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources. I have a very eclectic group of friends, including here on FB. I like that. I will not unfriend you just because you might not believe or think like I do. I will not think you are an idiot if you post that you are going to vote for this or that person. I like who I am and I like who you are. I do believe in the saving Grace of Jesus Christ but it is ok if you don't. I won't think any less of you. I will pray for you. I hope you are not offended about that but it is ok if you are offended. The only time I will consider us not friends is when you personally attack me or someone else in a public place, simply because of who they are or what they believe or who they are going to vote for.
Just a few rambling thoughts on a dreary Friday afternoon.
I hope everyone has a great weekend and I pray people will stop spending so much time hating and being pissed off.

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