Friday, February 12, 2016

Where were you when........?

It is an unusual phenomenon that people remember where they were when certain big events took place.  When the topic came up, a very long conversation ensued as each person would describe exactly what they were doing, who they were with, what they were wearing, how they heard the news, etc.

December 7, 1941 was the date of the event for my grand parents generation.

November 22, 1963 was the date for my parents.

For my generation, it might be January 28, 1986.  That was the date that the space shuttle Challenger blew up.  The 30th anniversary of that event was just a couple of weeks ago.  Seems just like it was yesterday.   I was auditing the books at Modern Builders in Mtn View.  They had a big screen TV on display and we all stopped to watch the blast off.   Instead it blew up and the image will be forever tattooed on my brain.   You can watch it today on YouTube, but I can't

Now the good news is that not all dates that we vividly remember were disasters.   We all remember our graduation, our first kiss, our first..., well you know.   Some might remember something like a vacation.  Brenda loves to tell a story about a family vacation to Colorado the summer before her senior year in high school.  (Oh wait, that was also a disaster).   I remember going to St Louis in about 1968 to see my first Cardinal game.  I think dad might even have a Super 8 movie of Lou Brock stealing second base.   However, I can't remember the date or much else about that vacation.

The purpose of this ramble is to say that tomorrow is one of those dates for me.  February 13, 1986.  Happens to be 30 years ago.  I was in a Shoney's Motel in Little Rock.  I bet you didn't even remember that the Shoney's Restaurant Corporation had a short lived venture into the motel business.  Anyway,  Ed Deskin, Bob Hughes and I were in the motel.  We were in Little Rock because we were on an audit of a home health agency client of Bob's.   Sandye and I lived in Batesville at the time but I was upset because I was not in Calico Rock.   The reason I was upset was because there was a significant event happening in our family and I was not there.   You see, Brenda and Jack had been wanting a baby for a long time.    And finally on February 13, 1986 at about 11:40 PM, Ross Ward arrived.  A bouncing baby boy.

The newest addition to our family and I was in a motel with Ed Deskin in Little Rock.

I remember it just like it was yesterday.

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