Saturday, July 23, 2016

I am that I am

This past week I attended the monthly meeting of our local Vistage group.   Our leader, Bruce, told us about an exercise that he had been through at some seminar called "I am".   The idea is to write down who you are using the phrase "I am.....".   To be honest, I thought it was pretty hokey.   Bruce told us about it and then read us his.   He then asked us to write ours.   So over the next 15 minutes I wrote down who I am.   I hesitate to say that the experience was life changing but it might be close.  It was emotional.  I couldn't  read it without tearing up.  A couple of days later I tried to read it to my son, Sam and teared up all over again.   I am not sure where the emotion comes from but "I am" probably an emotional person because both of my parents are always up for a good cry.   I love them for that.   So, since I can't seem to read this out loud, I thought I would share it here on my blog.

I am who I am because I was born on a Rock.

I am from Reed Mack and Opal Anita
and James and Erin
and Velma
but I am mostly who I am because of the 16 years I got to spend with Ray.

Ray, and Reed, and Greeley and the rest are the reason that I am a Cardinals fan.

I am an accountant today because David Wilson taught me to love math.

I am a razorback because I didn't want to be an Indian like my sister Brenda.
Oh yeah.  I am a younger brother and I am a better person because of that.

and now

I am a husband of 35 years to my sweetheart Sandye who likes me most of the time and loves me all of the time.

I am a dad because father sounds too formal.
I am also a better person because of Sara & Sam who have given me more than I could ever give them.

Sara now has Justin and they have Molly and Nate.
I am a granddad and I hope that I am the granddad that Ray was for me.
I am a boss and Justin happens to be one of the best employees I have ever had and I am better for that also.

I am a mentor and I am being mentored.

I am a Cumberland Presbyterian because all that came before me were CPs back beyond Steven Perryman from whom I get my name.

I am a Christian who believes that it is simply about the saving grace of Jesus Christ and nothing else.

I am pissed because all there is is Trump and Clinton and some dude name Johnson.
I am a proud American living at the greatest time in the history of our great country.

I am a contradiction.

and here is the rest of the list....

I am a son-in-law,
I am a brother-in-law.
I am a uncle.
I am a trustee of Bethel University.
I am a partner.
I am a dreamer.
I am a student.
I am a teacher.
I am a innkeeper.
I am a entrepreneur.
I am a pilot.

and when I get lost I head back to the Rock.

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